Statement of Purpose


The Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) strives to meet the needs of its members by adopting proactive measures reflecting changes in our professional environment.  Communication among members is paramount and is achieved through electronic and print measures as well as through conferences. ARUCC provides leadership in the post-secondary education field and service to its member institutions.


The Association of Registrars of the Universities of Canada was created in 1964 in response to the professional needs of student administrative services personnel in universities. In 1974 the Association's name was changed to the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada to reflect the increasing role of the colleges in this professional field and in the activities of the Association.

In 2000, ARUCC had approximately 170 member institutions from all regions of Canada. Personnel representing the universities, community colleges and cegeps include registrars, admission directors, student records managers, student services managers and other personnel in the areas of student advisement and counselling, student financial aid and student placement. ARUCC is an Associate Member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and of the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CASE).  ARUCC is a regional association of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association are as follows:

  1. To promote communication and the exchange of information among the membership;
  2. To identify and communicate to the membership changes in secondary and post-secondary education systems;
  3. To promote an awareness of the admission and transfer policies among post-secondary educational institutions;
  4. To hold workshops, meetings and conferences in order to promote the professional development of members of the association;
  5. To promote and support of research, policy studies and other investigations into the practice and management of registrarial administration;
  6. To recognize meritorious achievement on the part of both institutions and individuals;
  7. To undertake activities and undertakings as may seem appropriate to the Association.