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ARUCC 2010: Celebrating Achievement & Contribution
International Students and Immigration Canada
Speede Committee: New representative
Helpful links and Professional Development Opportunities
Investment in International Credit Evaluation
Atlantic Report
Québec Report
Ontario Colleges Report
Ontario Universities Report
Western Report
Pan-Canadian Quality Standards in International Credential Evaluation
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ARUCC 2010: Celebrating Achievement & Contribution

Submitted by:
Mike V. Sekulic

From across Canada enrolment professionals came together in Vancouver, June 27 - 30. The ARUCC 2010 conference theme "Partnering for Student Success: We're in this together!" was expressed through the sharing and exchange of information, experience and knowledge. From the pre-conference workshops led by Susan Gottheil and Clayton Smith, to the closing plenary by Martha Piper, formerly President UBC, the conference had something for everyone.

It's hard to briefly tell the story of the conference. My family would say it's hard for me to be brief. Period. So, I'm going to break it up into short stories – focusing here on the conference's celebration of achievement and contribution by members.

The ARUCC biennial conference is a time of recognition and renewal. The Biennial General Meeting (BGM) is often used to highlight the contributions of individuals, who work tirelessly, often from the sides of their desks, for the benefit of their institutions, the profession and ARUCC.

The ARUCC constitution provides for the selection of Honorary Members who "shall be those individuals, no longer eligible to be Regular Members, but with records of significant service to the Association." Those so selected "shall enjoy a permanent invitation to attend Association meetings and to maintain an interest in Association affairs". Gerry Kendal, Vice Provost and University Registrar, University of Alberta, nominated Brian J. Silzer, listing active participation in many professional organizations and activities, including key roles in 2 past ARUCC Conferences. Gerry summed up Brian's contribution by saying that "Brian has been a positive force for change and improvement, and has been one of those vanguards who have seen the role of registrar change from gatekeeper and controller to one of strong advocate for student services."

The biennial conference is also a time of renewal for the ARUCC Executive. As members complete their term and new members join we recognize the contribution of outgoing executive,. ARUCC 2010 saw 50% of the Executive Membership change.

At ARUCC 2010 David Hinton, Registrar, UNB, completed his term as Past-President. David, started in 2004 as Vice President, became President in 2006, and Past-President in 2008.

David has been a tireless contributor to the work of the association. He followed, led and advised with equal ease and skill, and his council and wisdom will be missed.

France Myette, Registrar, Université de Sherbrooke, served as Secretary-Treasurer under the administration of 3 presidents, Yves Jodoin, formerly of UQAM, now Bishop's, David Hinton and myself. France Kept our financial house in order, and her expertise has been greatly appreciated by each president. Not only did France contribute through her role as Secretary-Treasurer, she added much to the discussion. Her thoughtfulness guided us and sometimes gave us perspectives we might not have considered.

Quebec Representative Manon Vaillant, Registrar, HEC Montréal, joined the Executive in 2007, replacing a vacancy, and has been a valued contributor to the work of the association.  She was ARUCC’s representative to ACISI .  In addition to her valuable contributions as a regional representative, Manon kept us informed and up to date on the work of ACISI (Advisory Committee on International Students and Immigration).

Atlantic Representative Rosemary Jotcham, Registrar, Acadia University joined the Executive in 2005, filling a vacancy. Rosemary not only contributed to our discussion and decision making, she made important contributions to the Halifax Conference. The association recognizes her enthusiastic and able contribution.The ARUCC Executive, and I, will miss her insights.

In the next edition of Contact, we will look at the people who made the ARUCC 2010 conference possible, and introduce you to the team behind the ARUCC 2012 conference!

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International Students and Immigration Canada

Trends on international students:

  • From 2008 to 2009 the number of annual entries into Canada by international students has increased by 6%;
  • 44% of students who entered Canada were destined for University level studies;
  • Students from China and Korea represented 32% of total annual entries of foreign students;

To cope with the increased popularity of Canada amongst International Students many operational improvements have been made including:

  • On-line applications for study-permit extensions, off-campus WPs, post-graduations WPs, and WPs for spouses of International Students;
  • General information and services provided by Visa Application Centers (VACs) available on-line;
  • 3 additional VACs were opened in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey;
  • Changes to the electronic notification system were introduced to facilitate and improve reporting;

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) & other regulatory changes (PDF document)
VESPA e-Application by CIC (PDF document)
Update on CIC Initiatives for International Students (PDF document)
Student Processing Statistics (PDF document)
CIC Evaluation of the International Student Program (PDF document)
Regulating Private Career Colleges in Ontario - Protections for International Students and the Shift to Enforcement (PDF document)
Digital Library - Bibliothèque numérique 2008 (PDF document)

Citizenship Immigration Canada – New Design!

The Canadian Government launched a new design  for its Facts & Figures collection including annual statistics retrieved from the Research Datamart (RDM) for both permanent and temporary residents for calendar years 1984 to 2008 along with a series of tables describing additional selected characteristics for the ten-year period from 1999 to 2008.

The Digital Library contains information on both the Temporary and Permanent Resident Population and is available in a static PDF version and in an autorun DVD in English and French including over 12,000 tables in excel format.

For more information visit:

A new tool to encourage safe and responsible travel among Canadians traveling or living abroad

Developed by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, the wallet-sized Emergency Contact Card is aimed at Canadian travelers. It provides the necessary information to help them access emergency consular assistance while promoting the Registration of Canadians Abroad and the Consular Services website.

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Speede Committee: New representative

In the winter 2010 issue we announced that Barry Billing, after a number of years of volunteer service, was stepping down as the ARUCC representative of the AACRAO SPEEDE committee.

As of July 2011 Doug Holmes will be replacing Barry on the AACRAO SPEEDE committee. Doug Holmes has been at the OUAC for nearly 16 years in the software application development unit. He was instrumental in developing the current Ontario universities' EDI transcript system that has been in production since 1996. He has assisted universities and colleges across Canada in implementing their own EDI systems. Doug served in the role of SPEEDE rep for ARUCC previously from 1998 to 2005. Doug continues to monitor changes in the SPEEDE and now also the PESC/XML standards and is well aware of the data exchange needs of post secondary institutions.

For those of you less familiar with the work of the AACRAO SPEEDE committee, reference the following site:

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Helpful links and Professional Development Opportunities

CHERD – Canada's leading institution dedicated to research and the professional development of faculty and administration in post-secondary education has launched their new programming to enhance student satisfaction, engagement and success.

For a complete list of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development's (CHERD) offerings visit

AACRAO website provides a calendar list of upcoming workshops and meetings designed to enhance the professional development to Registrars and Enrollment professionals.

PCCAT - Pan-Canadian Consortium on Admissions & Transfer focuses on the implementation of policies and practices that support student mobility both within and among Provinces and Territories and granting of transfer credit in order improve access to post-secondary education within Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada – find information on specific use to institutions and educational institutions, provinces and territories.

Interested in supporting and developing Canadian SEM initiatives?

To learn more about the AUCC's (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) work please read their most recent Update.

ARUCC Survey Archives Access -

Username: survey
Password: arucc2008

Position Advertisements Posted with ARUCC

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Investment in International Credit Evaluation

The Government of Canada announced in July that it will fund a project that will help integrate foreign trained newcomers into the Canadian labor market. The Chair of the Council of Ministries of Education (CMEC) will receive over $900,000 in funding over two (2) years for its project called Pan-Canadian Quality Standards in International Credential Evaluation: phase II.

For more information visit: and

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Atlantic Update

Submitted by:
Wayne Paquet
Atlantic Representative
Nova Scotia Agricultural College

The IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships were recently held in Moncton at a new world-class stadium built on the Université de Moncton campus. Mount Allison University also participated by hosting the second athlete's village. There were more than 1,400 athletes aged 19 or younger from more than 170 countries competing in the event which ran from July 19 to 25. According to Suzanne LeBlanc, former Registrar of the Université de Moncton: "The competitions were great!! Athletes of this caliber are a true inspiration to people of all ages... their determination and can-do attitude came at just the right time, for me anyway."

In September Dr. Tim O'Neill released his much anticipated report on the university system in Nova Scotia. Dr. O'Neill was tasked by the Government of Nova Scotia in January with conducting an open and comprehensive review of the overall university system. In his summary he concluded that: "The evidence clearly confirms that the environment in which Nova Scotia's eleven universities now operate is changing significantly. The report calls for expanded collaboration among the universities, and between them and the government, to develop and implement new policy approaches to address emerging challenges." The report is a topic of much discussion on NS university campuses and comes as the universities are negotiating a new MOU with the provincial government.

Post-secondary institutions in New Brunswick continue to work with The Government of New Brunswick on the NBCAT initiative. NBCAT will provide students with access to transfer credit information and significantly improve learner mobility.

Saint Mary's University's has started construction on their $8-million Homburg Centre for Health and Wellness. The facility is named after Homburg Canada CEO Dr. Richard Homburg, who contributed $5 million to the project. The centre will include a 20,250-square-foot addition and 3,340-square-foot renovation to SMU's existing Tower athletic facility. It will house the university's Centre for the Study of Sport and Health.

UNB Saint John has begun construction of their new Learning Commons. The University library system will be represented along with the Student Technology Centre, the Writing Centre, the Math and Stats Tutoring Centre, and the Commons Café. This will be a silver-rated LEED building and is expected to be open in September 2011.

The University of PEI has launched their new B.Ed. Kindergarten program. This was a considerable achievement since they only had a year to plan and implement the program as a response to the Report of the Mella Commission in July of 2009. Orientation for the first group of students was held in August.

Suzanne LeBlanc will be retiring from her role as Registrar at the Université de Moncton where she has worked for over thirty years. Suzanne has been an active participant in regional initiatives and most recently served as President of the Atlantic Association of Registrars and Admission Officers. Suzanne's successor is Mr. Pascal Robichaud.

Tim MacInnes recently changed positions, from Registrar at Saint Francis Xavier University to Project Director, Office of Student Experience at Mount Saint Vincent University.

UNB Fredericton welcomes new managers to the Registrar's Office and a promotion for a current member. Shawna Bergin takes over the position of Associate Registrar - Admissions from Mark Bishop who moved to the position of Registrar, UNB Saint John. Shawna previously worked with UNB's Associated Alumni Office and brings a range of experience from that office. Lana MacDonald is the new Assistant Registrar - Records & Registrations Services. Lana previously worked with UNB's College of Extended Learning and has quite a bit of experience in the area of records and registrations. Gil Vautour, a valued member of the Registrar's Office team for a number of years, will be taking on responsibility for our systems administration. Gil's title is now Manager, Student Information Systems & Services. Members of ARUCC will already know Gil in his capacity as the manager of the ARUCC web site.

Mount Saint Vincent University has made some organizational changes in the Registrar's Office. Both Admissions and Institutional Analysis are now under the Registrar's umbrella.

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Québec Report

Submitted by:
Heidi Emami
Québec Representative
McGill University

International Students in Québec Universities - A statistical overview
As part of a one-day workshop organized by the Québec Registrars' Subcommittee on June 2, 2010, Réjean Drolet and François Piette of the CREPUQ presented a portrait of international students in Québec universities. The complete PowerPoint presentation is available at: with the title Atelier1_RDrolet-FPiette.ppt.

Here is a summary of their presentation:

In Fall 2008, 78.3% of Canadian and Permanent Resident students were registered at the undergraduate level, 17.2% at the master's, and 12% in doctorate level programs. The percentage of international registrants was slightly different with 65.6% registered at the undergraduate level, 22.4% at the master's and 12% in doctorate level programs.

In this semester, the majority of international students, i.e. 77.1%, were registered in universities located in the city of Montreal, and in the following disciplines: applied sciences (21.4%), management (21.3%), human sciences (21.4%). In terms of their country of origin, 30.9% of the students were from France, 12.1% from the U.S., 6.1% from China, 4.7% from Morocco and 2.8% from Tunisia.

The graduation rate of Canadian and Permanent Resident students in Fall 2008 was slightly higher at the undergraduate level but lower at the master's and doctorate levels. 76.3% of Canadian and Permanent Residents and 73.1% of international students graduated from a Bachelor degree program. At the master's level, the graduation rate was 72.4% for Canadian and Permanent Residents and 78.4% for international students. And at the doctorate level, the rates were respectively 33.8% and 48.8%.

Between Fall 2001 and Fall 2008, there was a 30% increase in the number of international registrants changing the total from 17, 380 to 22, 512.

Accueil Plus: A new service reduces wait time for international students at Montréal-Trudeau Airport
International students who were registered at a Québec college or university from May 17th to the 6th of September were able to use a new service called Accueil Plus. This service combined online registration with personal assistance on arrival and simplified customs processing at Montréal-Trudeau airport, especially for students who needed to obtain a Canadian study permit.

Using Accueil Plus, international students provide their travel information online while they are still in their country of origin. The information is sent to the service partners to expedite immigration and study permit processing and reduce wait time by preparing paperwork in advance. Accueil Plus is an extension of the Montréal-Trudeau Welcome service for international students, coordinated by the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Québec Universities (CREPUQ) in partnership with the Conférence régionale des élus de Montréal (CRÉ de Montréal) since 2008.

Open House season
Fall signals the start of Open House season for Québec universities. From October 15 until November 20, the various institutions opened their doors to prospective students and their families for guided tours, information sessions, and a chance to learn about life inside and outside the classroom.

Update from Concordia University:

Concordia continues expansion with new buildings
Having inaugurated the new John Molson School of Business Building in September 2009, Concordia continues its expansion with three new facilities. The PERFORM Research Centre and the Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics are currently under construction on the west-end campus while a new Environmental Chamber will be built on the downtown campus.

Largest Congress yet sees landmark accord
Concordians are pleased to have hosted the largest Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in the conference's 79-year history. During Congress 2010 a landmark accord was signed on the Education of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. The Accord on Indigenous Education provides a new framework under which university programs will be reviewed and partnerships with Indigenous communities forged to better reflect the educational purposes and values of Indigenous people.

Winner of the Prix québécois d'entreprise citoyenne
Concordia has won this year's Prix québécois d'entreprise citoyenne in the category of environment, large institutions. The award recognizes actions taken by Québec-based businesses to introduce and promote innovative practices in business ethics and sustainable development.

Update from McGill University:

New Service Point
McGill University launched the Service Point in June 2010 in its new location on the ground floor of the McLennan Library Building, in the heart of the downtown campus. Service Point provides newly integrated, front-line administrative services for undergraduate and graduate students, including:

  • ID cards
  • International Health Insurance card
  • US Government Loan pick-up
  • Legal status & documentation
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Admissions & Application Info
  • Student accounts tuition & fee information

Also included are selected services for Arts and Science students, such as:

  • Course & program registration info
  • Enquiries regarding exams (including deferred & supplemental)

PCATT 2011 Conference to be held in Montreal
Kathleen Massey, University Registrar and Executive Director of Enrolment Services at McGill University, has been named co-chair of The Pan-Canadian Consortium on Admissions & Transfer (PCCAT) and will host the 2011 conference. The conference will be held in Montreal from June 20 to 22. Watch for more details to come at:

Faculty of Medicine puts out call to 'non-traditional' applicants
The 'non-traditional pathways' program, the latest innovation in health science education at McGill, was conceived as a means of increasing the diversity of medical classes and addressing the shortage of general practitioners. Beginning in Fall 2011, this new initiative will welcome candidates who have experienced a different journey. For its first year, up to three seats in the Québec University category have been reserved for candidates who hold a Bachelor's degree (studies may have been completed full-time or part-time) and who have interrupted their academic studies for three or more years. The Faculty is open to adjusting the number of seats over the coming years as the program evolves.

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Ontario Colleges Report

Submitted by:
Clay MacDougall
Ontario CRALO Representative
Humber College


The Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) is in the process of redesigning their legacy system originally designed in the early 90's and updated to utilize newer technologies over the past decade including web based templates. The 1st phase of this redesign is the outward facing application to college system and will go live this October 2010 for the 2011 Application cycle. The remainder of the back-end application to college system is scheduled for implementation during the 2012 application cycle.

The Ontario College Policy Framework is being reviewed, specifically, the policy regarding the Admissions Residency Requirement. Currently, the Admissions Residency requirement for Ontario Colleges states that Colleges will look at applicants in the following order, Ontario, Canada, Outside of Canada. The revision being investigated is the removal of Ontario, and would permit Ontario Colleges to look across Canada for applicants. The original policy was put in place during the double cohort years and currently is in contradiction to the Pan Canadian Agreement.

Ontario College Application and Confirmation Statistics for September 2010 indicate approximately a 4% increase over last year in applications (totaling 509,591 choices) and a 1.7% increase in confirmations (111,851). The CRALO "Conference" is planned for November 22 - 24 in London, Ontario. The newly established Professional Development Committee is working to introduce for the 1st time some PD to the meeting. The Professional Development Committee is also getting organized and looking forward to working with OURA for the planning of ARUCC 2012.

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Ontario Universities Report

Submitted by:
Richard Levin
Ontario OURA Representative
University of Toronto


Ontario universities are awaiting further details of two recently announced provincial initiatives: an 'e-learning' institute to increase online study opportunities for Ontario students; and a provincial strategy to increase international enrolment. The province has also announced temporary pension solvency relief which will allow universities more time to address pension deficits arising from current economic conditions.

Some institution-specific news:
At Carleton, Suzanne Blanchard is now the Associate Vice-President (Students and Enrolment) and University Registrar. This new titles formalizes the consolidation of the reporting of the Registrar's Office, Student Support Services and Enrolment Management under the umbrella of a single AVP which Suzanne has held for the past three years.

Carleton has two new buildings under construction: the River Building will house the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, the School of Journalism and Communications and the School of Public Policy. The Canal Building will be the home of engineering programs including biomedical, energy, environmental and aerospace engineering, as well as nanoscience. A new 8-10 storey residence building is also under construction.

In September, Carleton launches a new interactive audit to allow students to plan their classes over the course of their degree program, determine what grades they need in each class and how it affects their CGPA. It will include a "what if" feature that allows students to evaluate various program alternatives. Carelton also recently introduced a Co-Curricular Record of extracurricular involvement (in student organizations or within Carleton departments), leadership accomplishments, community service activities and professional/educational development opportunities. Additionally, students can find a volunteer opportunity that's right for them by searching the Co-Curricular Record on-campus activity database.

At Wilfred Laurier, Ruth MacNeil was named Manager of Student Awards. Laurier has also introduced an English Language program called LEAF (Laurier English and Academic Foundation) that will have its first entering class this September at the Brantford campus.

Lakehead University has a new President. Dr. Brian J. R. Stevenson, took office August 1, 2010. A new Senior Advisor to the President on Planning & Implementation, Gerry Munt, also took office August, 2010. Lakehead is also anticipating the opening of a new building as part of their Orillia Campus. Classes will be housed there starting September, 2010. See more at

McMaster University also has a new President. Effective July 1, Patrick Deane, formerly Vice-Principal (Academic) and Provost at Queens, succeeded Peter George after his 15-year presidency. In the Registrar's Office, Melissa Pool has been named Senior Associate Registrar, Records and Registration, and Lou Cafazzo is the new Assistant Registrar, Services. Some personal news – I will be leaving McMaster to take up the new position of Executive Director, Enrolment Services at the University of Toronto, effective November 1.

At Trent University, Gary Boire is the new Vice President Academic and Provost starting Sept 1. Meri Kim Oliver takes on the Associate Vice President Student Services role; the Registrar's Office will move from reporting to the VP Research, International and Strategic Enrollment Management to reporting through the AVP to the VP Academic. Trent also has a new Associate Registrar of Recruitment and Admissions, Melissa Hill, and a new Manager of Admissions, Lois Fleming. Trent is moving its Oshawa campus away from the UOIT site to a new location on Thornton Road, which opens September 1st, 2010. Trent is also introducing a number of new online services including transcript requests, LoPs, enrolment verifications, and degree audit.

At Western, Dr. Janice Deakin is the new Provost & Vice-President (Academic); she was appointed to the position for a five-year term beginning August 1, 2010. Prior to her current position, Janice served as Associate Vice-Principal (Academic) and Dean of Graduate Studies at Queen's University, where she has held various academic and administrative appointments since 1986. Western's Provost & Vice-President (Academic) portfolio includes: academic units, Faculty Relations, the Office of the Registrar, Institutional Planning & Budgeting, the University library system, and Information Technology Services.

York University has two new Deans: Faculty of Science and Engineering: Janusz Kozinski; Osgoode Hall Law School: Lorne Sossin. In addition, Jennifer Sloan has been appointed as Vice-President of University Relations. In January, York launched THE SCHULICH MBA in INDIA. This program allows students to complete the first year of the Schulich MBA in Mumbai and the second year in Toronto.

In September, York's Office of Admissions & Recruitment launches a Future Student Portal and MS Dynamics CRM. The Office has also embraced social media. There are four dedicated student e-ambassadors who respond to questions from prospective students (graduate and undergraduate) via Facebook, Twitter and YUBlogs. The e-ambassadors are also responsible for video and photo blogs that introduce York to prospective students and their parents. In September, the Office will launch a smartphone app and a new Future Student Mobile Web site to enable Smartphone users (iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc) to view and connect to the main functionality of the Future Student Web site (e.g. requirements, programs, financial matters, application) and to access the Portal. Also new this year is an Aboriginal Recruitment Handbook to complement the overarching University mandate to provide services/support to the Aboriginal community on and off campus.

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Western Report

Submitted by:
Jody Gordon
Western Region Representative
Kwantlen Polytechnic University


Yes I am still the representative for the Western region to ARUCC. I know I said so long in the last newsletter but the WARUCC executive asked that I stay on and I agreed. So you are stuck with me for one more year!

As university and college students head back to school, metro Vancouver area institutions in B.C. have been busy since June negotiating a contract for a U-Pass – universal transit pass. Nine institutions, including 4 who already have a UPASS, have been provided with a guaranteed monthly cost until April 2013 that includes a subsidy to the program provided by the provincial government. A single contract for all 9 institutions is expected in October followed by a student referendum vote. If passed, institutions without a pass expect to implement the program later in the Spring.

The B.C. Student Transitions Project, a joint effort between Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development and the B.C. Council on Admissions and Transfer, tracks the mobility of students into and out of the B.C. post-secondary system. At an astonishingly consistent rate, high school graduates enter post-secondary immediately following graduation at 50.9% in 2003 to 52.2% in 2009. When tracking 2001/2002 high school graduate cohort over time, cumulative student transition rates reach 75% within 7 years of graduation. For more information the Student Transition project visit

Mark the date! The Western region of Universities and Colleges of Canada 2011 conference will be held in Saskatoon June 21-24, 2011. Updates on the conference will be posted regularly at

On the Move:
At University of Winnipeg Neil Besner, former VP Students and International, is now VP Research and International. The Registrar's office is now reporting to the new VP Academic, John Corlett, who just came to us from Brock. Student Recruitment, Admissions, and Awards and Financial Aid will have a dual reporting relationship, to the VP Academic on the domestic side and to the VP International on the international side. ACC Board of Governors names new college president.

At Assiniboine Community College the Board of Governors announced that Mr. Mark Frison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Great Plains College in Swift Current, SK, accepted the position of president. Frison will take over effective August 30, 2010.

At the University of Manitoba Susan Gottheil joined the U of M in the role of Vice Provost (Students) from Mount Royal University. Susan is, of course, well known to ARUCC members. She has over 28 years of leadership experience in the Canadian post-secondary sector helping institutions to promote and expand academic programs, increase student recruitment and retention, enhance learning and development, improve student and academic support services, and promote collaborative partnerships. Over the past few years Susan has collaborated with Clayton Smith on the emergence and implementation of enrolment management in Canada. They have presented workshops at a number of professional conferences in the U.S. and across Canada, published articles, and organized the annual Canadian Enrolment Management Summits. Susan has helped a number of Canadian institutions develop strategic enrolment management plans in her role as a Senior Consultant with AACRAO Consulting.

At Red River College Paul Gaudette joined RRC as Registrar, replacing Carlene Besner. Paul was previously at Bow Valley College and North Island College.

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Pan-Canadian Quality Standards in International Credential Evaluation


Submitted by:
Nancy Tran, Project Manager
Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials at the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada


In April 2010, the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC), a unit of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), launched a new project funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). The goal of the project is to help internationally trained newcomers integrate into the workforce by improving the consistency and the portability of academic credential evaluation across Canada, in both regulated and unregulated professions. Similarly, the project will facilitate the assessment of academic credentials for the admission of foreign students to Canadian colleges and universities.

A number of activities have been initiated in order to meet the objectives of the project. For information on these activities, please visit the project's Web site. The Web site will be updated regularly as the project progresses over the next 2 years.

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VOE template

ARUCC members are reminded to use the Verification of Enrolment Form available on the website:

This form was approved in June of 2006 by the membership of Registered Education Savings Plan Advisory Group. The form may be used by Canadian universities and colleges to provide their students with the verification of enrolment information needed for RESP agreement forms.

Results of Andrew Armour's survey on 3rd party VOE instead of 3rd party RESP form use (summer 2010) can also be viewed on the ARUCC website. Thanks to all who participated.

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