Governance for the ARUCC Groningen & Student Mobility Project

Project Leadership

The Project is being led by ARUCC through the ARUCC Groningen & Student Mobility Steering Committee. ARUCC is a separately incorporated entity representing colleges, institutes, and universities from across Canada.

Representatives from ARUCCPCCATCUCCIO, and CanPESC sit on the Project Steering Committee in addition to a representative from a region within Canada that currently lacks data exchange capacity. 

The Committee's authority is outlined in the formal Steering Committee Terms of Reference which were reviewed and approved by ARUCC. The Committee is led by a chair, Charmaine Hack (former president of ARUCC - 2016 to 2018; current registrar at Ryerson University) and a vice-chair, Dr. Rob Fleming (board member of PCCAT; current executive director of the British Columbia Council of Admissions and Transfer).

The ARUCC members at the June 2018 biennial meeting formally voted on the Project's road map and focus. At that time, the members indicated ARUCC should continue to do the following:

  • Explore and develop a Canadian data exchange network.
  • Embed core benefits into the network.
    • Improve student service
    • Improve student mobility through efficient data sharing
    • Encourage national dialogue around student mobility and success
    • Align with the national and international goals of other Canadian postsecondary institutions and pathway organizations
  • With ARUCC leading, create a national governance model for the Project; hence, the ARUCC Groningen & Student Mobility Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee meets twice per month and is tasked with leading all aspects of the Project including overseeing a Request for Proposal for a national solution, and establishing a supporting implementation plan and a long-term governance framework for the national data exchange network.

Project Support

Joanne Duklas of Duklas Cornerstone Consulting serves as the Executive Consulting Lead for the Project. She is a former registrar and president of ARUCC (2012). Joanne and her team provide strategic and operational support for the Project.

McPherson Management is providing financial and additional operational support to the Project.  

The Steering Committee establishes other subcommittees as appropriate to the Project needs and phasing. When additional committees and working groups are created, it will be featured on this page.

Legal, privacy, and technial expertise will be hired as the Project evolves.

** NEW Project SubCommittee**

ARUCC Groningen & Student Mobility Technical Advisory Committee ('TAC')

The ARUCC Groningen & Student Mobility Steering Committee is seeking volunteer representatives from the membership to submit nominations for participation in a new Technical Advisory Committee for the national student data exchange platform.

** Nominations are now closed. **

Participation criteria:

The Steering Committee is seeking nominations from representatives of higher education organizations within Canada who fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Represent an institution/organization that has formally endorsed the national project. 
  • Do not represent an institution/organization that is intending to participate in the RFP process for the national data exchange solution. 
  • Have expertise in data exchange and/or identity management related to the exchange of student data as evidenced by prior experience, credentials, and/or other evidence submitted through the online nomination form. 
  • Can commit to participating in a confidential consultation process that is up to and including finalizing an RFP for a national student data exchange solution. 
  • Are supported by their leadership to participate in the project.

Those selected to participate in the committee will be expected to sign a formal letter adhering to the above that is copied to their direct supervisor.

Workload Commitments:

All meetings are anticipated to be virtual and will likely happen every three to four weeks. It is anticipated that the Technical Advisory Committee will meet from January to June 2019, the anticipated end of the RFP process. Advance and follow up reading of relevant materials will be required by each member (e.g., national survey results, business requirements for the RFP, and other like materials). Participants may be asked to formally comment on documentation in writing and provide confidential technical advice during a potential RFP process.

Selection Process:

  • Mid-November: distribution of request for nominations through the regional registrarial association listservs
  • December 7: Deadline to submit a nomination and supporting letter from the nominee's supervisor
  • December 14: nominations review by the ARUCC Project Steering Committee
  • Week of December 16: nominees notified of decisions by email
  • January 8: first web conference meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee
  • First meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee:

    January 8, 2018 11am - 12:30pm PST, 2-3:30pm EST, 3-4:30pm AST

    Web conferencing instructions will be emailed directly to those chosen to participate in the committee.

    Questions regarding the Technical Advisory Committee?

    Contact Brian Stewart (deputy CIO, University of Alberta, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), chair of the Technical Advisory Committee, or Joanne Duklas, executive project consulting lead, for answers to any questions about the project (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).