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ARUCC is a member-driven association whose mission is to help foster within the Canadian higher education sector the advancement of registrarial best practices. Accordingly, ARUCC respects the autonomy and authority of all member institutions and organizations as it pertains to their individual processes, policies, and privacy concerns. The development and curation of national best practices relies heavily on consultation, benchmarking and research. Recommendations for best practices are made available to members, whom may freely adopt these or take them into account when revising and reviewing their own business operations. Members are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence and to consult with other members when seeking to amend their practices.

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ARUCC 2020

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Update: Request for Proposal and Pilots for the National Network ** NEW**

ARUCC and its partners, PCCAT, CUCCIO, and CanPESC continue to oversee the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the National Network as part of the ARUCC Groningen and Student Mobility Project. The project, led by a national steering committee with representatives from each of the partnering organizations, is actively endorsed and supported by several Canadian institutions, associations, and provincial application centres from across the country. The RFP remained open to potential proponents through MERX for two months from November 22, 2019 to January 20, 2020. The focus now moves to conducting the evaluation of all the submissions and putting in place next steps for moving forward and considering potential pilots. Project leadership anticipates much of this effort will unfold over the coming year given the complexity of the project and its national scale. A national review committee is conducting the evaluations of the RFPs. This group consists of experts who bring capacities in areas such as data systems architecture design; alternative technologies; student information and application centre systems; document and data exchange formats and standards; data privacy, security, and governance; fee payment processing; legal; financial; registrarial policy and practice; and more. Existing Canadian provincial application centres and representatives from Canadian post-secondary institutions are active participants in this process. Given the project complexity, purchasing expertise and support are being generously provided by Ryerson University in the form of in-kind support. The project leadership looks forward to continuing to update the community as the process unfolds including offering presentations and/or workshops at the upcoming Groningen Declaration Network meeting in April and the ARUCC and PCCAT conferences in June.


Update from Memorial University Following Historic Snowstorm

In light of an unprecedented snow storm and the state of emergency that was declared in St. John’s, Memorial was faced with having lost seven instructional days in the first three weeks on the Winter Semester.  Given that so much instructional time was lost so early in the semester and the potential for further lost time due to inclement weather, discussions started on what the University’s response should be.  It was decided that maintaining academic integrity of the semester was critical as well as consulting with key stakeholders and being as fair as possible to students. 


Hold the Date! The International Groningen Declaration Network Meeting is Coming to Canada

The ARUCC executive in partnership with PCCAT, CUCCIO, and CanPESC, submitted and won a bid to host the international Groningen Declaration Network 2021 annual meeting in Ottawa for the week of May 3, 2021. This represents an exciting moment and builds on the work of the ARUCC Groningen & Student Mobility Project. Typical participants include senior level officials from international governments, institutions, vendors, and allied associations who are dedicated to advancing access and quality assured practices in higher education to serve the causes of student mobility and permission-based data portability. Join ARUCC and its partners at this international event dedicated to advancing student mobility.

Canadian Provincial Hubs, Student Groups, Government, Post-Secondary Leaders, and Others Endorse the National Network

ARUCC and its partners, PCCAT, CUCCIO, and CanPESC are pleased to announce recent endorsements of the National Network.

Endorse the project today. Let's work together to improve student mobility through document digitization and data exchange.