Calendar Project

The Calendar Project has been developed as a resource for ARUCC members involved in the production of academic calendars for their respective institutions. It provides information on what other institutions are doing on a number of identified issues and contact information for colleagues who may wish to network with others dealing with similar concerns. This is an initiative of the ARUCC Calendar Project Working Committee.


At the ARUCC 2004 conference in Ottawa there was a presentation of the 2004 ARUCC survey results. This survey looked at current practices, issues, and lessons learned regarding program and course calendars in Canadian Colleges and Universities. The detailed survey responses are available in English and French.

At the end of the survey results presentation, participants felt that there were still many unanswered questions regarding hard copy and e-calendars. Technology is changing rapidly and as a result, the expectations of the calendar are also changing.

As a result, a working committee was formed to review current practice and next steps for those involved in the production of calendars. The ARUCC Calendar Project working committee is made up of volunteers who have an interest and expertise in the production of calendars. 

The Calendar Project Committee established three sub-committees: Legal/Policy, Purpose of the Calendar and User Needs, and Technology. Use the links on the left to find out more about the work of these sub-committees. 


Research surveys will be developed to review current practice across Canada, and case studies on specific topics will be compiled. Case studies and survey results will be published on this site as they are developed.

There will be a Calendar Project Workshop offered at the 2006 ARUCC Conference in Montreal next June, and at that time, the Project Committee will present a report to the membership.


Cal. Survey - Results Rpt.

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