Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes professionals who are making significant contributions to the work of ARUCC, a regional association, their own institution and/or Canadian registrarial practice.

ARUCC award recipients from prior years are welcome to request a digital award badge by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Adam Robertson HeadshotAdam Robertson (Dalhousie University)

Adam is a visionary, collaborative leader with fifteen years of experience in post-secondary education. He has recognized expertise in the fields of national and international recruitment and admissions, student service and experience, and global citizenship. He has a proven ability to lead strategic initiatives, build collaborative and highly motivated teams, and lead people through transformative change. He has a sincere commitment to student success and strives to create environments and service models to support all student communities. He has been an elected member of executive teams for AARAO (Atlantic Association of Registrars and Admissions Officers), ARUCC and CIS (Council of International Schools) and is regularly invited to share his expertise at national and international forums. He is a champion for innovation and transformation as evidenced by his role as the Chair of the Provincial Steering Committee responsible for the implementation of MyCredsTM across all Nova Scotia institutions. He is a mentor and a strong partner to all, sharing his expertise with his team, colleagues and beyond.

Adam represents the pinnacle of professional excellence and personal dedication to the student experience and academic life.


Niccardo Rhoden HeadshotDr. Niccardo Rhoden (Centennial College)

Dr. Niccardo Rhoden embodies the essence of a dedicated professional who goes above and beyond in his commitment to advancing registrarial practice in Canada. Niccardo has been an instrumental member of the Enrolment Services team at Centennial College for nearly a decade. During his tenure, he has spearheaded a culture of digital transformation by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as AI, streamlined workflows, digital credentials, and learner wallets. His leadership has been pivotal in the cloud migration of various critical internal systems, including CRM and scheduling platforms.

Focused on systems thinking and operational efficiencies, Niccardo has utilized his subject matter expertise and collaborative approach to significantly enhance processes that support both staff and students. His visionary leadership is often celebrated for its ability to inspire and ensure project completion within cross-functional teams. Dr. Rhoden’s strategic vision has not only driven technological advancements across the college but has also fostered a pervasive culture of innovation within Enrolment Services.

Through his exemplary service and leadership, Dr. Rhoden has made a lasting and meaningful contribution to the work of ARUCC, his own institution, and the Canadian registrarial community.



Annik GelineauAnnik Gélineau (Université de Montréal)

Annik Gélineau has worked in the academic sector for over 20 years and has held the Deputy Registrar position at Université de Montréal (UdeM) since 2013.

Continually on the look-out for innovative ideas, she is always ready to consult with other universities to get to know their best practices, and constantly expanding her network.

Well-known for her expertise, she sits on several institutional committees and represents UdeM in various working groups.

Since 2016, she has represented Quebec’s registrars at the ARUCC Board of Directors. Since then, she has innovated by establishing a gateway between ARUCC and the Quebec’s registrars’ sub-committee at the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI).

Annik is actively involved in MesCertif, a portfolio she promotes in Quebec. She chairs the ARUCC Working Group on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility and sits on the working group that the registrars’ sub-committee established for this purpose.

Annik is a firm believer in development and collaboration among registrars and she is behind the implementation of professional development days for Quebec Registrars’ Offices.
Finally, Annik is very involved in the organization of the 2022 ARUCC Conference, to the same extent she participated in organizing the 2020 virtual conference.

Kate RossKate Ross (The University of British Columbia)
Dr. Kate Ross has been an influential and respected colleague and leader within the registrarial profession for over 35 years, both regionally and nationally. During these years, she has held progressive registrarial and leadership roles at multiple BC post-secondary institutions.

Her particular skill is her ability to identify and develop high potential staff and budding managers, along with her genuine advocacy in support of student access to higher-education and to reduce barriers for students in need. Over the years, her many protégés’ careers have progressed to leadership roles at universities and colleges within BC and across Canada. The student within Kate remains active – she lives her values by engaging with students during her transit by bus to and from campus. An avid fan of “the beautiful” game, Kate is known to engage with students who sit near her while watching the Vancouver Whitecaps. Each conversation with Kate is a chance to explore possibilities and opportunities and leads to the pursuit of meaningful endeavours in support of enriching the post-secondary and broader community.

Kate remains active in registrarial professional development activities across Canada and continually seeks professional development opportunities for her leadership team, staff and peers. She has an exceptional ability to collaborate and is widely respected as an experienced leader in her field.


Past Outstanding Achievement Award Winners


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