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If you are a student or alumni enquiring about your MyCreds™ wallet or your documents, please direct your enquiry to your home college, university, or issuing organization. This includes any enquiries related to your documents, fees, functionality of the system, refunds, or any other matter.  

ARUCC staff including the MyCredsTM team does not have access to your documents or wallet for privacy reasons and is unable to respond to enquiries regarding these. For information on contact details for your college, university, or issuing organization, visit the online MyCreds™ Member Directory. Their staff representatives are best situated to support your needs as they establish all policies regarding use of the system and fees and have support teams in place to resolve your questions about the functionality of the system. 

If you are enquiring because you made multiple unsuccessful attempts to pay for a document or share within MyCredsTM and are seeing additional charges on your online payment card statement, please note the following: 

When a learner makes multiple unsuccessful attempts to purchase something on the MyCredsTM platform due to internet issues or because the postal code entered does not match the payment card, the payment card company typically places authorization holds on your payment card for the amount of each attempted transaction. It is only once the payment card company verifies and clears the successful payment that a charge is applied to MyCredsTM for a particular transaction and a receipt is generated and sent to you. Any additional authorization holds are typically released by the payment card company within 24 to 72 hours. The MyCredsTM team is not able to assist under these circumstances as this process is entirely controlled by the payment card company. 

For information on how to use the wallet, we encourage you to review the 'How to' information and the FAQsaccessible from within your wallet in addition to contacting your college, university, or issuing organization. 

For information about MyCreds™, please visit the MyCredsTM website. For those of you who wish to see what the wallet looks like, we invite you to view our online video channel.  

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