Membership Applications

Regular members

Institutions which are recognized by Universities Canada and Colleges and Institutes Canada and have paid the annual fee in accordance with By-Law I are Institutional Members of the Association. The Office of the Registrar, or equivalent, of each participating institution shall designate a Regular Member as the Institutional Representative who will vote on behalf of that Institution. Institutional Members only may vote. The Office of the Registrar, or equivalent, of each participating institution may designate as many Regular Members as it wishes in accordance with By-Law I. Rights and privileges of Regular Members are as follows:

  • Eligible to participate actively in the work of the Association
  • May vote on all matters brought before the Association (as above)
  • Are listed on the Association's web site
  • May subscribe to ARUCC-L
  • Eligible for members' rates for biennial conference

To become a Regular Member, please go to our online membership page.

Associate Members

Professional representatives in educational agencies or institutions not eligible for Institutional Membership may apply for Associate Membership, which must be approved by the Executive Committee. Such institutions may designate as many Associate Members as it wishes in accordance with By-Law I.

  • Same privileges as Regular Members, but may not vote or hold office.

To become an Associate Member, please go to our online membership page.

Corporate Members

Corporate Members are those organizations which provide products and/or services that assist or benefit Association members in carrying out their duties and responsibilities and which desire to participate in Association activities as non-voting members. The Executive may approve corporations seeking membership in the Association and will determine the extent and type of participation. In return for the corporate membership fee, ARUCC offers the following benefits to its Corporate Members:

  • Listing on the Association's web site with a brief (25 word) explanation of company's services
  • Direct access to the Executive for discussion of corporate services which may benefit the membership

To become a Corporate Member, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Honorary Members

Honorary Members are those individuals no longer eligible to be Regular Members, but with records of significant service to the Association, who are so selected by the Executive Committee. They shall enjoy a permanent invitation to attend Association meetings and to maintain an interest in Association affairs.

  • All privileges of regular membership except the right to vote or hold office.

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