Regular Member Services

The Association provides the following services to members:

ARUCC Directory

The Association's Directory is regularly updated on the ARUCC website, includes the names and addresses of the individual members at all member institutions, as well as e-mail and Web site addresses. Listings of Associate and Corporate Associates are also included.


The ARUCC-Listserv (ARUCC-L) is an un-moderated national electronic forum available to members of the Association. It is intended to promote the sharing of information, expertise, policies, procedures and advice about issues affecting registrarial personnel. Instructions for signing on to the listserv are available to members once they have logged in to the Members Area of the site.

Professional Development

The biennial ARUCC conference provides a regular forum for communication of new developments in registrar's offices, policy discussions, reports on special projects, special interest group meetings, as well as for informal networking.

Document Alert Services

Notices may be posted by regular member institutions to DOCALERT-L, a closed listserv available only to regular member institutions, to advise colleagues when a sister institution has received documents of questionable authenticity. Instructions for signing on to the listserv are available to members once they have logged in to the Members Area of the site.


The ARUCC Forum is available in the Members Area of the site, and is an unmoderated discussion board where members can post and interact with threads, so as to foster conversation and dialogue in the ongoing work we do. Feel free to post questions to fellow members, interesting news or research from the field, announcements regarding recent initiatives, or anything that comes to mind. Note that it does not replace the existing ARUCC-L listserv, which will continue to be offered as a communication tool to all members.

ARUCC Survey Tool

The ARUCC Survey tool provides a full-function online surveying platform for all members, wherein results of surveys are immediately archivable and accessible to all. The system provides similar functionality to most surveying tools, and members can use it to post and curate their own multi-tier surveys. Note that for pulse-surveying (ie. one or two questions, max), members may use either this or the ARUCC Forum.

Job Posting Service

Information about positions available within the registrarial profession in Canada (and occasionally elsewhere) may be posted to the ARUCC website, and circulated to membership accordingly via the ARUCC-L listserv.

ARUCC Biennial Conference