Toronto Metropolitan University - formerly Ryerson University (MyCreds™ | MesCertif™)*

General Information

Address 1 350 Victoria Street
Address 2
City Toronto
Province Ontario
Postal Code M5B 2K3
Country Canada
Institution Phone 1 (416) 979-5000
Institution Phone 2
Representative Name Robyn Parr
Representative Title University Registrar
Representative Email
Representative Phone 416-979-5000 x557253


Name Title Email
Robyn Parr University Registrar
Bailie, Scott Assistant Director, Business System
Basian, Carly Manager, Student Financial Assistance
Bianca Marryshow Assistant Manager, Student Financial Assistance
Borges, Marilia Awards and Scholarships Advisor
Campbell, Kelly Manager, Student Recruitment
Cavaliere, Shaun Assistant Registrar, Student Financial Services
Christie, Jonathan Assistant Director, Client Relations
Ciro LeCompte Manager, Operations Support
Danziger, Erika Assistant Director, Admissions Policy & Transfer
Deanne Wright Assistant Registrar, Curriculum Management
Doyle, Paula Director, Business Systems
du Manoir, Kevin Manager, Admissions Data Analysis & Reporting
Elyana Tahiri Ryerson Engineering Admissions & Liaison Officer
Fleming, Jayne Manager, Admissions Assessment & OSS Adjudication
Glenn, Lavern Graduate Admissions Officer, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
Haddad, Matthew Manager, Student Awards and Scholarships
Hodges, Shari Manager, Engineering Admissions and Recruitment, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
Jeff Capel Engineering Liaison/Admissions Officer, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
John-Bosco Kakai Manager, National Student Recruitment
Kan, Ava Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Kandiah, Illan Manager, Transfer Credits
Kim McDonald Manager, Ceremonials Office
Lori Russell Manager, Client Services
Mansour, Christina Manager, Admissions Processes & Document Management Systems
McAfee, Terry Director, Business Administration, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
Michelle Green Manager, Examinations and Special Projects
Mike Emery Director of Admissions
Neelands, Mary Manager, Graduate Program Administration, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
Outh, Soeun Assistant Director, National Student Recruitment
Posa, Carolyn Assistant Registrar, Student Records and Legislated Reporting
Ramage, Cheryl Manager, Agent Relations, International Enrolment
Randall, Kim Manager, Student Recruitment
Randel, Salisha Manager, Student Recruitment, International Enrolment
Read, Samantha Assistant Director, Communications
Robyn Parr University Registrar
Rocca, Robert Manager, University Scheduling
Sahar Reyes Manager, Curriculum Advising
Shelly Evangelista Manager, Admissions Integrated Systems
Tom, Amanda Assistant Director, Admissions Operations
Toste, Alda Manager, Special Projects
Vanessa Policheni Manager, Student Fees
Vani, Bruno Manager, Student Records
Vani, Luca Assistant Director, Admissions Integrated Systems
Vercruysse, Susan Director, Communications, Recruitment & Client Services
Zereneh, Lillian Manager, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment, Yeates School of Graduate Studies