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The ARUCC Research Working Group is a volunteer committee that supports, showcases, and conducts research with the goal of contributing to our profession. We also review and provide advice to the national association regarding research requests presented to ARUCC. In short, we are a group of colleagues who are intent on encouraging thoughtful, evidence-based research to support advances in Canadian enrolment services.

Interested in helping out? Contact our chair, Kate Ross at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Publishing Opportunity

Keen to publish a new white paper or research study

Send a PDF to Kyle Vuorinen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How To Guide for Writing Research Studies and White Papers

If you are writing a research study or white paper, Ray Darling, Registrar at the University of Guelph, provided some helpful tips in his presentation for the Ontario University Registrars' Association (OURA) conference.

Recent Efforts

Wondering who we are?

  • Kate Ross, Associate VP and Registrar, University of British Columbia - Chair
  • Ray Darling, Registrar, University of Guelph – Vice Chair & Ontario Representative
  • Alice Miller, Registrar, University of Windsor - ARUCC Executive Representative
  • Kyle Vuorinen, Associate Registrar, Douglas College – Western Representative
  • Joanne Duklas, ARUCC Honourary Member – Member-at-large
  • Mike V. Sekulic, University Registrar, MacEwan University – Member-at-large

Current Vacancies

  • Eastern representative
  • Québec representative




Regional Associations

  • Atlantic Region - AARAO - Atlantic Association of Registrars and Admissions Officers
  • Québec - BCI - Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire
  • Ontario - OURA - Ontario University Registrars' Association
  • Ontario - CRALO - Committee of Registrars Admissions and Liaison Officers
  • Western Canada - WARUCC - Western Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada

Calendar Project

This website has been developed as a resource for ARUCC members involved in the production of academic calendars for their respective institutions. It provides information on what other institutions are doing on a number of identified issues and contact information for colleagues who may wish to network with others dealing with similar concerns. This is an initiative of the ARUCC Calendar Project Working Committee.


At the ARUCC 2004 conference in Ottawa there was a presentation of the 2004 ARUCC survey results. This survey looked at current practices, issues, and lessons learned regarding program and course calendars in Canadian Colleges and Universities. The detailed survey responses are available in English and French.

At the end of the survey results presentation, participants felt that there were still many unanswered questions regarding hard copy and e-calendars. Technology is changing rapidly and as a result, the expectations of the calendar are also changing.

As a result, a working committee was formed to review current practice and next steps for those involved in the production of calendars. The ARUCC Calendar Project working committee is made up of volunteers who have an interest and expertise in the production of calendars. 

The Calendar Project Committee established three sub-committees: Legal/Policy, Purpose of the Calendar and User Needs, and Technology. Use the links on the left to find out more about the work of these sub-committees. 


Research surveys will be developed to review current practice across Canada, and case studies on specific topics will be compiled. Case studies and survey results will be published on this site as they are developed.

There will be a Calendar Project Workshop offered at the 2006 ARUCC Conference in Montreal next June, and at that time, the Project Committee will present a report to the membership.

CONTACT Newsletter

Note: the CONTACT Newsletter was discontinued, as of 2017, in favor of the ARUCC Forum (available in Members Area) that allows for greater currency, interaction and on-going sharing of information.

CONTACT Volume 23, No. 29 - Spring 2016

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CONTACT Volume 23, No. 28 - Winter 2015

CONTACT Volume 22, No. 28 - Spring 2014

CONTACT Volume 22, No. 27 - Fall 2013
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CONTACT Volume 21, No. 26- Fall 2012
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CONTACT Volume 20, No. 24 - Fall 2011
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CONTACT Volume 18, No. 17 - Spring 2008

CONTACT Volume 18, No. 16 - Fall 2007
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CONTACT Volume 17, No. 14 - Conference Edition 2006
CONTACT Volume 17, No. 13 - Winter 2006

CONTACT Volume 17, No. 12 - Summer 2005

CONTACT Volume 17, No. 11 - Fall 2004
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CONTACT Volume 17, No. 9 - Fall 2003
CONTACT Volume 17, No. 8 - Summer 2003
CONTACT Volume 17, No. 7 - Winter 2003

CONTACT Volume 16, No. 6 - Spring 2002

CONTACT Volume 16, No. 4 - Fall 2001
CONTACT Volume 16, No. 4 - Spring 2001

CONTACT Volume 16, No. 3 - Fall 2000
CONTACT Volume 16, No. 2 - Spring 2000

CONTACT Volume 15, No. 1 - Fall 1999
CONTACT Volume 15, Spring 1999

CONTACT Archives

CONTACT Vol.16 no.6 spri 02.pdf
CONTACT Vol.16 no.4 spri 01.pdf
CONTACT Vol.16 no.3 Fall 00.pdf

CONTACT Volume 15, No. 1 - Fall 1999
CONTACT Volume 15, Spring 1999

CONTACT Vol.14 no.1 oct 98.pdf
CONTACT Vol.14 no.1 oct 97.pdf
CONTACT Vol.13 no.1 nov 96.pdf
CONTACT Vol.12 no.2 avril 96.pdf
CONTACT Vol.12 no.1 janv 96.pdf
CONTACT Vol.11 no.3 aout 95.pdf
CONTACT Vol.11 no.2 mars 95.pdf
CONTACT Vol.11 no.1 oct 94.pdf
CONTACT Vol.10 no.3 avril 94.pdf
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CONTACT Vol.8 no.2 mars 90.pdf
CONTACT special june 1990.pdf
CONTACT Vol.8 no.1 oct 1989.pdf
CONTACT Vol.7 no.2 mars 1989.pdf
CONTACT octobre 1988.pdf
CONTACT juin 1988.pdf
CONTACT february 1988.pdf
CONTACT octobre 1987.pdf
CONTACT juin 1987.pdf
CONTACT february 1987.pdf
CONTACT octobre 1986.pdf
CONTACT february 1986.pdf
CONTACT octobre 1985.pdf
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CONTACT fevrier 1985.pdf
CONTACT octobre 1984.pdf
CONTACT september 1983.pdf
CONTACT february 1983 .pdf
CONTACT Vol.1 no February 82.pdf
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CONTACT Vol.1 no. may 1981.pdf
CONTACT Vol.1 no.3 1981.pdf
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CONTACT Vol.1 no.2 Fall 1979.pdf


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